Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership

The Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership (BCPP) was established in 1995

Its core purpose is to 'promote curriculum and professional development, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching and learning in all Catholic primary schools in Birmingham and to work together in true partnership, thereby sharing expertise, so as to enrich the education of all the children in the Partnership schools, in an atmosphere of Christian love, which will benefit Catholic Education in the city'.

We now have eighty schools that are full members of the BCPP. A further number of schools have also been offered affiliated membership. See our Member Schools page for details of all of these groups.

Member schools are grouped into clusters for a variety of activities. Each cluster elects, annually, a Management Board Representative and a Cluster Representative. These people represent their cluster at Management Board meetings, which meet five times a year.

A comprehensive professional development package, (INSET), is offered to schools each academic year and all courses are carefully evaluated.

An annual report is published by the BCPP each year, and a variety of other activities and services are also offered to schools by the BCPP.

Since its inception, the role of the BCPP has been greatly enhanced to provide a wide range of additional services for member schools, to ensure greater efficiency and value for money.

The Team

Paul Walmsley, Director
Paul Walmsley, Director
Strategic Management and Professional Issues
Barry Desmond, Director
Barry Desmond, Deputy Director
Strategic Management and Professional Issues
Bernadette Scullion, Administration & Conference Coordinator
Bernadette Scullion, Business and Conference Manager
Training and Conference Bookings and Business Issues